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Building Better Trailers

pile steel beams on factory floor

Step Two

Precision Cut Steel Beams = No Gap Seams

Each structural component is precision cut using a water cooled industrial swivel head band saw. This results in precision cut angles which join together without gaps in preparation for the creation of solid welds and a finished trailer that easily pulls down the road because it is square.

industrial clamps hold trailer beams in place

Step Four

Fully Welded Seams For Greater Strength

Each joint and seam is first clamped, then tack welded to hold its place. Many trailer manufacturers call it good and stop there. But Advanced Trailer Solutions isn’t like other trailer manufacturers. Advanced Trailer Solutions fully welds each seam for the greatest possible strength and durability on the road. Although this care and attention to detail requires far more time and certainly adds to our production costs, our clients benefit in the end by investing in a trailer that was built for the task can stand up to the job it was designed for. At Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC, we ask ourselves why anyone would want to invest their hard earned dollars in anything less?

grinding welds on trailer frame

Step Six

Dexter Axles & Posi-Lube For Easy Maintentance

Advanced Trailer Solutions next adds the American made suspension system. We use Dexter axles with Posi-Lube for easy and carefree maintenance. Made in America, Dexter has established itself as a leader in its industry and is considered one of the best. Quality radial tires come standard.

finished boat trailer

Step Eight

Coast Guard Approved Wiring Resists Corrosion

Each trailer is wired using tin-coated corrosion-resistant wire which is approved by the Coast Guard for use in the marine industry to protect the wiring from the effects of salt water and road salt. All wiring is organized through a junction box prior to being routed to each independent component. All wiring connections are permanent and the entire wiring harness is protected by a quality wire loom and secured within solid mounted wire loops welded to the frame. Quality LED lights are easily serviceable with plugin connectors. Before we proudly apply our Advanced Trailer Solutions company logo, the fit, finish, assembly of components, wiring installation and function of lighting and brakes are fully inspected in a final quality check.

Step One

All Materials & Components Are Made In USA

Advanced Trailer Solutions begins with the finest American produced steel beams. While other trailer manufacturers may cut production expenses by using imported steel from overseas, Advanced Trailer Solutions takes great pride in choosing only the finest domestically produced steel beams and components, all of which are Made in the USA. 

cutting trailer beams with saw

Step Three

Double & Triple Checked For Accuracy

Quality control checks along each step of the way are vital. Each measurement is double and triple checked for accuracy. Each angle is double and triple checked to be sure that it is square. Advanced Trailer Solutions takes the required time to do things right the first time, resulting in a superior custom trailer frame that can handle rugged use and stand the test of time.

welding sparks on custom trailer frame

Step Five

Smooth Welds Ensure A Smooth Finish

Each weld on our custom trailers is finished by grinding with an abrasive angle grinder in preparation for a beautiful and durable two-step powder coat finish. Additional quality control checks assure that no detail is overlooked and is promptly attended to.

triple axles

Step Seven

Two Step Powder Coat Finish For Durability

In preparation for the best possible adhesion of the finish, each trailer frame is thoroughly sandblasted to remove any trace of surface rust. While other trailer manufacturers reduce production costs by protecting their trailer frames with paint, which can easily chip, Advanced Trailer Solutions uses a two-step powder coat finish, for greater durability and longevity. Clients can choose from a wide variety of beautiful powder coat colors to accent their load, including Basic Black. 

Large boat loaded on a custom trailer

Step Nine

Legal Vehicle Identification Numbers 

As Advanced Trailer Solutions LLC is registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration we are able to provide a legal VIN number for your trailer. At delivery we we will provide a Certificate of Origin or Manufacturer Statement of Origin for trouble-free titling at the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state.